Zhaneta Gjyshja | Albania, Kosovo, Balkans, and Europe: Prehistory, settlement patterns, Neolithic Period, Bronze Age

Kara Larson | Stable isotope analyses, zooarchaeology, environmental archaeology, migration and seasonal mobility,early state formation, trade, and quantitative statistics


Ella Brown | Primate behavior, development, and ecology, esp. gorillas

McKensey Miller | Primate behavioral ecology, environmental adaptation, physiology, human evolution, conservation,extreme environments, and climate change

Georgia Oppenheim | Paleoanthropology, hominin environmental and dietary reconstruction in the plio-pleistocene


Karandeep Mehra | Humour, stand-up comedy, new media, language, performativity, senses, and the body; India, South Asia 


Yuanping Wang | China - Infrastructure, labor, ethics and morality, internal colonialism, ghost stories

Saifullah Nasar | South Asia - Informal economy; stateless economy; smuggling; borderland; anthropology of law; sovereignty; bureaucracy; anthropology of oil; transnational governmentality; tribes-state

Bridget Kelly | Eastern Europe - Sociocultural anthropology with added elements of semiotic and historical analysis ofhuman environment relations

Faith Bailey |  USA - Racial and national ideologies, Memory and historical narratives, The migration of ideas, Politicaleconomy, Cultural anthropology, Citizenship

Malika Stuerznickel | Germany - Afro-Europe identity formation, higher education, diaspora social and Cultural institutions, belonging, inequality

Akbar Shah | South Asia


Swagat Pani | South Asia, Middle East, 16th C. to Present, Indian Ocean

Alex Jreisat | Middle and Near East, Levantine, 20th Century to present, Borders, Politics, Identity

Talitha Pam | Sub-saharan Africa, 19th century to present, Environment, community, conflict