Michigan Anthropology graduate student Meghanne Barker's research on puppetry in post-socialist countries is highlighted in LSA Magazine:

People tend to dismiss puppets as toys, but one LSA researcher is studying how puppets can be used to tell big stories in post-socialist countries like Kazakhstan and around the world.

For Meghanne Barker, a Ph.D. candidate in LSA’s Department of Anthropology, big messages come in small packages.

Barker studies puppetry in post-socialist countries, at sites like Kazakhstan’s Almaty State Puppet Theatre. Founded in 1936, the Almaty State Puppet Theatre is one of several theaters the Soviets established in Kazakhstan throughout the 20th century. These state-run puppet theaters were regulated by the central Soviet government and featured elements from both Communist art and native Kazakh culture.

Art with Strings Attached in LSA Magazine