Two of our Honors undergraduates received distinguished awards from the Honors Program this year:

Ingrid Lundeen was a recipient of the Virginia L. Voss Memorial Awards.  The Voss awards are given for excellence in writing by senior Honors women, and were established in memory of the late Ms. Voss, an Honors graduate in the 1950s and college editor at Mademoiselle Magazine. 

Ann Soliman is the recipient of the The Marshall Sahlins Social Science Award, one of the Goldstein Prizes for Honors Seniors that were established by Joseph and Ellen Goldstein of Washington D.C. to recognize outstanding students who are graduating with Honors.  The Sahlins Social Science Award Award is named for anthropologist Marshall Sahlins who earned his BA from the Department of Anthropology at U of M. He has been Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago since 1973. His numerous books and articles have covered topics from the civilizations of the Pacific to the effects of cultural resistance in indigenous populations.

Congratulations, Ingrid and Ann!