Jason De Leon’s work with undocumented migrants is mentioned in this Vice.com article on the Deep Web:

 “On the surface there are a lot of parallels with the drug trade and human smuggling. Both continue to increase, despite increased pressure from law enforcement. Both are dangerous. Both could possibly become safer via a reputation based system that acts as a type of self-regulation among community members.

A digital black market for human smuggling would face some daunting challenges, though. Decay-Hetu explained: "A crypto-market for illegal migrants and smugglers would have to somehow vet the people looking to use the service so that no undercover agent is sent as a fake illegal migrant. While it may be possible, I think it would be very difficult to do."

"Another problem," according to Jason DeLeon, a University of Michigan professor, "is it's such a long and winding chain, and one migrant might pass through many hands." 

Jason directs the  Undocumented Migration Project, a study of clandestine migration between Mexico and the United States. "But if there was something like [a digital black market] that people could go to, it would change the game. Anything that can add accountability to the smugglers would be in the best interest of the migrants; right now there really is no recourse."