Michigan Anthropology senior Lily Bonadonna is the recipient of the second annual Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship Award.  This $25,000 award is given to a graduating senior “of independent spirit who is committed to service and the public good,” to carry out an independent research project in the first year after graduation. 

For her project Ms. Bonadonna will be traveling to Lima, Peru for one year to conduct ethnographic research on Tuberculosis prevalence in the city and surrounding areas. She is interested in writing both creatively and through the scope of critical medical anthropology.

Ms. Bonadonna says in her personal statement, “At times, I think it can be confusing to understand what produces suffering and inequity. Perhaps, some people believe that tuberculosis prevalence is solely a result of incompliant, low-educated working-class individuals who do not understand the importance of seeking medical attention and adhering to treatment regimes. I know the issue is more complicated than this; and if given the opportunity, I can conduct research and write clearly about the social determinants of tuberculosis in Lima. I have spent my entire collegiate career studying science in my perquisite classes for medical school, drafting creative works in my English courses, and critically writing in my Anthropology ones. I think this unique combination of study has prepared me well to take on a project about tuberculosis and write both creatively and critically. Moreover, I have a personal stake in the welfare of Perú. Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a good life. Tackling the obstructive forces of health as a human right begins with understanding all of them at play. “

Michigan Anthropology is very proud of Lily Bonadonna, and we wish her a fantastic year, and future!