Michigan Anthropology is delighted to announce our second distinguished award of a College Professorship for this year. John O'Shea has been named Emerson F. Greenman Collegiate Professor, joining an array of scholars within LSA (and our department) who exemplify the best in scholarship, contributions to their discipline and the university, teaching, and service.


Professor O'Shea chose to name his chair after Greenman, who, after receiving his Ph.D. at Michigan, remained here briefly, serving as Curator of the Great Lakes Divisions of the Museum of Anthropology. In 1928, he became the Curator of Archaeology at the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. In 1935, Greenman returned to the University of Michigan, where he served as Curator in the Museum of Anthropology, and taught in the Department of Anthropology, until his retirement in 1965.  More information on Greenman can be found here: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/umma/about/history/emersonfgreenman_ci


Please join us in congratulating John on this honor.  It reflects on our whole department as much as it honors his own distinctive contributions.