One of the more prestigious recognitions conferred by the University, the Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award has since 1996 honored those who have been exemplary in their commitment to a boundary-free academy, one that is responsive to and engaged with the communities it calls home.  Only five of these awards are conferred each year.


Barb receives this honor for her many accomplishments in scholarship and service that singly and cumulatively create the conditions for understanding and supporting diversity on the campus and in our broader society  in her scholarship, her service, and her teaching.    She has shown the way toward a scholarship that deeply engages those issues of historically rooted inequalities that continue to press on the larger society without sacrificing attention to practical action necessary to their correction.


Barb Meek is the third member of our department to have been recognized with this award.  She joins the roster with Kelly Askew who was honored in 2009 and Andrew Shryock who was honored in 2011, both for their own commitments to diversity on the campus and beyond.