From the University of Michigan News Service:  

"Children and older women face the highest risk of malnutrition," said Beverly Strassmann, a professor of anthropology at the U-M College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts and a research associate at the U-M Institute for Social Research. "So far, we've brought in several truckloads of food, but we are hoping to provide about 30 truckloads of food for 12 villages in the region."

The Dogon people of West Mali, whom Strassmann has studied for many years, are subsistence farmers who depend on millet farming for their survival, she says. They also raise onions to get cash to buy more millet. But the rains did not come in 2011, so both harvests failed, leaving the Dogon and neighboring people without food until the next harvest in October 2012.

Michigan Anthropology Professor Beverly Strassmann works on project to relieve hunger in West Africa