Kate Graber, a 2012 PhD alumna, received a 2022-23 fellowship from the NEH for her book project "Textures of Value: Embodiment and Experience in the Mongolian Cashmere Industry". Graber's research will lead to a book dedicated to the language used to create and transform value in the commodity chain of Mongolian cashmere from herders to consumers.

In addition to Dr. Graber's fellowship, she also published an article in Language and Society. Graber's article "A cline of enregisterment and its erasure: Intersections of ideology and technology in minority-language news" explores "a case of hyperideologized minority-language media to show how the interplay of deep-seated language ideologies, the local sociohistorical context of media, and the material, technological affordances of different platforms produces a cline of enregisterment."

Kate Graber is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Central Eurasian Studies at the University of Indiana. She received her masters and PhD from the University of Michigan Department of Anthropology.