Dr. Derek Brereton, a 2003 PhD alum, has recently published Seven Keys to Spanish Culture. Dr. Brereton's book explores how Spanish culture draws back to Moorish architecture, Romanticism and Costumbrismo, Flamenco, Don Quijote, Religious Brotherhoods, Royal Institutes of Horsemanship, and The Bullfight. A chapter is dedicated to each of these keys. Seven Keys to Spanish Culture joins some of Dr. Brereton's other publications like Campsteading: Family, place, and experience at Squam Lake, New Hampshire and Old Barns and Country Skills of Southeast Michigan.

In addition to his recent book, Dr. Brereton's donation of a collection consisting of seven royal silks from the old Malay palace in Patani, South Thailand was accepted by the Smithsonian Musuem.