"Relating to Our Forest" is a trilingual narrative collection produced collaboratively by the Association of Upper Napo Kichwa Midwives (AMUPAKIN) and Georgia Ennis (alumna, 2019). Members of AMUPAKIN detail their environmental knowledge and relationships in fifteen stories told in Kichwa and translated into English and Spanish. Funded by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture and Patrimony, the narratives were self-published as a book and DVD in 2017.

Ennis worked closely with members of AMUPAKIN to design a language documentation and revitalization project that centered intergenerational cooperation and interaction. Young Kichwa volunteers collaborated with a team of international graduate students to record, transcribe, and translate the narratives in Kichwa. Elders and young people further collaborated to illustrate the written stories. Association member Ofelia Salazar saw her participation as a means of safeguarding their knowledge for the future, describing that “with the stories we have told, leaving them written and recorded too, we are safekeeping them so that our children, our grandchildren, and then their children too—will put on this video and say, ‘Our grandparents told these stories. They were true."