Louise Ann Williams Distinguished Dissertation Award
V (Victoria) Koski-Karell

Outstanding GSI awards

Fall 2021
Paula Batista (SC) - Critical Theory in Medicine and Healing with Liz Roberts 
Leela Riesz (SC) - The Comparative Study of Cultures with David Frye
Matthew Brown (Arch) - Introduction to Anthropology with Thom Chivens
Elspeth Geiger (Arch) - Introduction to Anthropology with Holly Peters-Golden

Winter 2021
Adeli Block (Ling)- Introduction to Anthropology with Leigh Stuckey
Dima Saad (Anthro-hx) - Medical Anthropology with Holly Peters-Golden
Emily Orlikoff (Bio) - Hominin Origins with John Kingston
Hannah Hoover (Arch) - Introduction to Anthropology with Thom Chivens


Fall 2020
Yun Chen (Anthro-SSW) - Globalization in Bio
MedicineIride Tomazic (Arch) - Human Evolution
Ian Beggan (Arch) - Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology
Joseph Wardle (Arch) -  How Humans Evolved

Winter 2020
Eryn Talevich (SC) - Law and Culture
Gene Estrada (Bio) - Primate Evolutionary Ecology
Angie Feak (Arch) - Introduction to Anthropology