IPGRH is proud to highlight the academic pursuits and accomplishments of its students; even as the academic year comes to a close, IPGRH students continue to work on their academic interests, research studiously, and travel abroad (and maybe have some fun now and then). In the summer of 2019: 

Parrish Wright

This summer, thanks to funding from the Frier Fund, a summer research grant from the Center for European Studies, and RSTG funding from the History Department, I was able to participate in two archaeological projects and found some time to visit sites relevant to my dissertation. In May and June I was a trench supervisor at the Venus Pompeiana Project where I led excavation of a section of the city destroyed for the construction of the Roman-era temple of Venus, the patron goddess of the Roman colony. 

After presenting at the Fifth Interdisciplinary Symposium on Western Greece in Siracusa, Sicily, I returned to the mainland and to the Gabii Project. There, I supervised a summer of cleaning and documenting previously excavated archaeological features, allowing us to create a much more complete picture of the urban core of the city. 

Now I am back in Rome for the year and ready to turn to finishing my dissertation!

Jan DeWitt

This past summer, I got married. Pictured are my wife, Natalie, and me, along with 3 other IPGRHs after the ceremony: Allie, who officiated, William who was one of the groomsmen, and Emily who was one of the guests.

William Soergel

This summer, I gave a public talk in Hamilton, Ontario, on historical arguments and micronational themes in Aristophanes and Herodotus. The talk was in both English and French.

I also spent my summer learning German and, in some joyous news, my boyfriend proposed to me on a Maine beach!

Stephen Shiflett

This past summer I was primarily working on my prelim exams. However, I did receive a Rackham research grant to go out to UC-Berkeley for the purpose of improving my Greek epigraphy skills. I spent three weeks studying in their archives, which proved immensely helpful.