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Dissertation Titles


Parrish Wright

Competing Narratives of Identity in Central and Southern Italy, 750 BCE—300 BCE


Jan DeWitt

Money, Games, and Power: Rome’s Lower Magistrates and the Development of a City



Allison Kemmerle

The Peformance of Identity in Classical Athens



Timothy Hart

Beyond the River, under the Eye of Rome: Ethnographic Landscapes, Imperial Frontiers, and the Shaping of a Danubian Borderland


Zachary Hallock

Inclusion and Transparency: The Emergence of State Record Keeping in Republican Rome in the 4th Century BC



Tiggy McLaughlin

Christian Pedagogy and Christian Community in the Fifth- and Sixth-Century Mediterranean



Jessica Stephens

Aristocratic Identities in the Roman Senate from the Social War to the Flavian Dynasty


Garrett Ryan

Placing Power: Greek Cities and Roman Governors in Western Asia Minor, 69-235 CE



Jonathan J. McLaughlin

The Transformation of the Roman Auxiliary Soldier in Thought and Practice



Michael Leese

Economic Decision Making and Money-Making Strategies in Ancient Greece


W. Graham Claytor

Mechanics of Empire: the Karanis Register and the Writing Offices of Roman Egypt



Elizabeth Platte

Monks and Matrons: The Economy of Charity in the Late Antique Mediterranean



Jennifer Finn

Alexander the Great: Forming Political Identity in a Multicultural Empire

Jared Secord
Elites and Outsiders: The Greek-Speaking Scholars of Rome, 100 BCE- 200CE


Karen Acton
Vespasian Augustus: Imperial Power in the First Century CE

Claudia Arno
Going Native: How Romans Became ‘Roman’ in an Expanding World

Alexander Conison
The Organization of Rome's Wine Trade



Nathanael Andrade
Syria and its Margins: Cultural Identity in Late Seleucid and Roman Syria



Robert Chenault
Rome Without Emperors: The Revival of a Senatorial City in the Fourth Century CE