Professor Evelyn Alsultany interviewed with UCSD Professor Ana Celia Zentella, Wilfrid Laurier University Professor Madelaine Hron UCSD and MSU Professor Miguel Cabañas for MSU's Podcast Series, "Collaborative Edges," February 16, 2018.


Migration Studies and the Humanist Perspective (February 16, 2018)
What does the censorship of bilingualism signal about how we construct our world? Is popular culture depicting or misrepresenting migration communities? How are the refugee crises presented in social media? Evelyn Alsultany, Madelaine Hron,  Ana Celia Zentella, and Miguel Cabañas, guest presenters and organizer of this symposium meet to talk about human rights and refugees including their right to practice their religions, use their language, and retain their own features. Humanities research in these areas can inform the law and transform policy to create a conversation on the impact of migration policy on human experience.