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Reading Techniques

You will be faced with a variety of different kinds of reading assignments, such as textbooks, academic articles, novels, short stories, newspapers, and popular magazine articles. Here are a set of basic strategies that you should use for all your reading:

Before You Read

What do I want to learn? Why do I need to read this? What do I already know? Use helpful tools in pre-reading, including understanding why you are reading, setting goals for every time you read, connecting new information with old knowledge, and examining the structure of the text.

While You Read

Learn how to use active reading strategies to help you elaborate on what you’re reading (by marking the text, making summaries, asking yourself questions). Make what you’re reading your own by using your own words and connecting new information with old knowledge. 

After You Read

Post-reading techniques can help you organize information (by creating an outline, drawing concept maps, and chapter summaries) for better retention. Make connections by abstracting what you’ve learned as a image, process, or summary.