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How long do I have to drop a class once the term starts?

During the Fall and Winter terms, you have until the end of the third week of class to drop without a W. From the end of the third week to the last day of class (as determined by the RO), you can drop with a W.  (The only exception here is if it's your first full semester--i.e., Fall or Winter--at Michigan. In that case you will receive a W on your unofficial transcript, but not on your official transcript, i.e. the one sent externally to prospective employers, graduate schools, etc. unless you drop all of your classes, which would be considered a full term withdrawal)

Drop deadlines for the Spring and Summer half-terms are shorter. You can drop a class without a W until the end of the second week of class.

Please note: courses that have already ended or have been graded cannot be dropped.



How long do I have to add a class once the term starts?

During the Fall and Winter terms, you have until the end of the third week of class to add a class; before doing so it's important to talk to the instructor to ensure you can get caught up on whatever work you may have already missed. From the end of the third week to the end of the ninth week of class, you can add a class with permisson of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center. After that date, changes in your course elections are made only for truly unusual situations. 

Add deadlines for the Spring and Summer half-terms are shorter; add can be processed until the end of the second week of class and late add changes with permission can be processed until the end of the fifth week.

I registered for a class by mistake. Can I drop it without getting a W, even though the deadline has passed?

No. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of your schedule before the deadline.

How does a W look?

Since there are a variety of legitimate reasons for withdrawing from a course, a W is neutral and simply indicates that you withdrew from a class after the early drop period. A pattern of W's, however, may suggest that you don't know your limits, have difficulty completing work, or are unfocused -- all potential negatives in the eyes of admissions committees and future employers.

Will a W on my transcript hurt me if I am applying to graduate schools?

One or even two W's probably won't make much of a difference. If you have a large number, however, graduate admissions officers may assume that you must have dropped because you were anticipating a bad grade and judge accordingly. Graduate schools, like employers, also like to know that you can finish the work that you take on.

Can I drop a course if I am on probation?

Yes, you can drop a class, but the College requires that you meet with an academic advisor to discuss your situation. The conversation is a good opportunity to assess your academic performance in this and your other courses and to plan for finishing the term successfully.

I'm taking a mini-course that only runs for half of the full term. Do the same deadlines apply?

No. Mini-courses have different deadlines. These dates are listed with the course description in the LSA Course Guide.

Can I drop a mini-course that begins in the second half of the semester?

Yes, if the pro-rated deadline has not yet passed. Verify the deadline posted in the Course Guide. If the deadline has passed you will need to request a Late Drop in Wolverine Access.

Can I add a mini-course that begins in the second half of the semester?

Yes, if the course has open seats and the pro-rated registration deadline has not passed. If the course is closed or the deadline has passed, you will need to get an electronic override and request a Late Add in Wolverine Access.

Can I change a pass/fail designation after the third week deadline?

No. There are no exceptions to this deadline. It’s a good idea to print a copy of your schedule that reflects the pass/fail modifier as proof of your intention.

Does it matter if I drop below 12 credits?

Generally, athletic eligibility, international student visa status, financial aid eligibility, student veteran benefits, and insurance coverage depend on being a full-time student with 12 or more credits (6 in the half term).  Note that the effective dates for calculating your status may vary in different situations. Contact the appropriate office to determine the impact of having fewer credits on your particular eligibility status.

Do first-term LSA students get W's for drops?

If you are an LSA student in your first full term at U-M, you will not receive a W for your drops, unless you drop all of your classes (full term withdrawal).

I am a first-term U-M student who withdrew from a class after the third week deadline. Why does the W appear on my unofficial transcript?

In order to verify full-time enrollment, the W will continue to appear on the unofficial transcript (Academic Report) in Wolverine Access. For students in their first Fall or Winter term at the University of Michigan, the W is expunged from the official transcript after the term is completed.

I'm an Engineering student taking an LSA course. Do I follow LSA's drop/add dates and regulations, or Engineering's?

You are subject to the academic policies of the school in which you are enrolled, not the one in which the individual course may be listed. Since your drop/add request will be processed through Engineering, you must obey their guidelines, not LSA's.

Does my tuition change if I drop/add?

The University assesses tuition according to the number of registered credits at the end of the open drop/add period (3 weeks in a full term; 2 weeks in a half term).

Tuition assessment affected by drop/add activity after the open drop/add period:

Adds at any time resulting in more than 18 credits (9 in half term) Increase in tuition
Late drops after end of open drop/add (Period I) even if result is less than 12 credits No tuition reduction

The complete College policies on dropping and adding can be found here.