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2021-2022 FAQ

Last Update: 9/30/21

Q1. How long do I have to withdraw from a course?

You can withdraw from a class up until the last day of the class. However please note that classes that have already ended or have been graded cannot be dropped and that mini-courses might have different deadlines (if so, that information is available in the Course Guide). 

Q2. How long can I drop a class without a W? 

You can drop a class without a W (or withdrawal) until the end of the third week of class. Unlike last year’s COVID policy, if you withdraw from a course after the third-week drop deadline it will appear on your official transcript as a W (the only exception here is if this is your first full--i.e., Fall or Winter--semester at Michigan; if so, you can drop a class through the last day of class and that W will not appear on your official transcript. However, if you drop all of your classes in your first term, that would be considered a term withdrawal and would appear on your official transcript).  Please see our Drop/Add page for the full policy. 

Please think carefully about what makes the most sense, and if you have any questions about the best course of action given your unique circumstances, please come see us!

Q3. Will I be able to convert my letter grades to Pass/Fail?

Yes. From weeks 1-3, you can decide whether you’d like to receive a traditional letter grade for a class or have your grade recorded as pass/fail and switch from one modality to the other on your own in Wolverine Access. However after the third-week deadline, you can only switch from a letter grade to pass/fail (not vice versa) and you can only make this decision one time (i.e., you can’t switch back and forth between the two options). You have up until 11:59 on the last day of class to make this change.  Therefore we strongly encourage you to take your classes for traditional letter grades; doing so will give you the most flexibility and can you reevaluate your decision closer to the end of the semester and switch to pass/fail if that ends up making more sense. 

Q4. Will I be able to convert optional Pass/Fail grades to letter grades?

Yes, but only from weeks 1-3 of the semester (weeks 1-2 in half semesters). During that period, you can change the way you’re recording your grades from “pass/fail” to  “graded” (traditional letter grades) and back again on your own through Wolverine Access. However after the third-week deadline any classes you have elected to record as “pass/fail” cannot be changed to “graded.” 

Q5. What are the limitations on Pass/Fail?

  • We have returned to pre-COVID restrictions on what classes you can take pass/fail:
  • You cannot take classes in your major or minor pass/fail.
  • You cannot take fourth-semester language courses being used to satisfy the LSA language requirement pass/fail.
  • You can count a maximum of 30 ungraded credit toward your degree. This includes courses that you choose to take Pass/Fail, as well as courses that are mandatory Credit/No Credit and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Please note this 30 credit limit does not include any Covid Pass/NRC credits.  
  • Please see our Pass/Fail page for additional information. 

Q6. How do I record my class as Pass/Fail?

The process depends on what portion of the semester we are in at the time: during Weeks 1-3 you change the grading modality yourself on Wolverine Access. From Week 4 through the last day of class you need to submit a Late Edit request. For step-by-step directions, please see our Pass/Fail page.