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“Inside Classroom” Prep

There is no "best" major for law school. Your strengths, personal interests, and desire to grow intellectually should drive your choice of a major. Law schools do not favor any major over another (however, if you are thinking of patent law, your major should be in science or engineering in order to be eligible to sit for the patent bar). Choose a major you will enjoy and do it well. Remember the four universal skills necessary to be successful in law school and as an attorney, and know that you can hone them in any major:

  1. Reading comprehension

  2. Clear and concise writing

  3. Critical and analytical thinking

  4. Logical reasoning

Keep the following core competencies in mind as you develop your undergraduate and post-graduation plans, including course selections:

  • Close reading and critical analysis of complex texts involving issues of social and political importance

  • Clear and concise written and oral communication skills, active listening, and effective presentation skills

  • The ability to research, organize, and synthesize information in a clear and logical manner

  • The ability to challenge one’s own personal belief systems, and develop comfort and tolerance for uncertainty

  • Effective negotiation and creative problem solving

  • Time management

  • Integrity and trustworthiness

Historically, to be considered a competitive candidate for a Top 20 law school, applicants need to have a 3.5 GPA or better and a 165 or better (92nd percentile) on the LSAT. BUT, remember that reviews of law school applications are truly holistic, so these are not strict guidelines or set minimums. Your GPA is only one part of the admission package, so it is important to develop strategies for strengthening your overall application. 

A pre-law advisor can help you evaluate your potential application and the options available to you, regardless of GPA or LSAT score, so please call 734.764.0332 to schedule a pre-law advising appointment.


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