Are you a first-year student with an interest in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) major?  Are you taking Physics 140/141, Chemistry 130/125/126, or Math 115 this winter?  

The College of LSA and College of Engineering are developing non-residential communities to help students be successful in these core introductory courses.  In similar communities at other institutions, students tend to earn higher GPAs and report greater satisfaction with their college experience.

In this one-semester STEM success program, you will:

  • Join a small community of peers who are committed to helping each other succeed in the first year of STEM majors
  • Enroll with your community in the lecture, discussion, and laboratory sections of a core introductory STEM course (see options below)
  • Improve your test scores and confidence through study groups with your community
  • Make large, introductory STEM lectures in Physics and Chemistry seem smaller
  • Develop friendships with students who have similar interests
  • Navigate your first year with the help of faculty mentors and dedicated coaches
  • Participate in a fun, one credit hour seminar with your community to develop meaningful connections with faculty mentors and tools for academic success


Visit this website for more information and to complete an application:

(If you are selected, you will receive an override to register with your community in designated sections of Physics 140/141 or Chemistry 130/125/126 or Math 115).

Information Session
November 16th from 2:00-4:00 pm in USB 2165

Marybeth Bauer, Associate Director
First-Year STEM Learning Communities

Learning communities are currently offered in the following course sequences, with participation required in all sections of each option: (1) Physics 140 lecture and 141 lab or (2) Chemistry 130 (lecture and discussion) and 125/126 (lecture, discussion, and lab) or (3) Math 115.  Students should apply to participate in only one of these communities.