As your 2020-2021 (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) grades  come in, we want to ensure that you understand how grading conversion works this year, because in most cases it is the inverse of the Winter 2020 grading policy:

  • If you receive an A+ through C-:  that letter grade will by default post to your transcript (unlike the Winter semester, where the default was a Pass). Converting that letter grade will make it a Pass (a "P" for grades A+ through C; a "PS" for a C-); as a reminder, P/PS grades will not impact your GPA. 
  • If you receive a D+, D, D-, or E: a “No Record COVID” (NRC) grade will by default post to your transcript. As a reminder, NRC grades receive no course credit and will not impact your GPA. If you decide to convert that NRC grade to a letter grade, it will impact your GPA and if it’s a D,+, D, or D, you will receive credit for the course. 

In either case, the decision to convert your grades (whether an A+ through C- grade to a “P/PS” or an “NRC” to a  D+, D, or D-, or E) is final and cannot be reversed. If you need help, the Registrar has put together a video outlining the steps of requesting a conversion. However you have approximately six months after the end of the semester to make this decision (see our 2020-2021 Grading Conversion Considerations page for the exact deadlines and additional information to consider), so please proceed with caution and consult an academic advisor with any questions to avoid unintended consequences. We are always happy to meet with you!