Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Many of you already know about the hate incident in West Quad over the weekend.

If not, here is an article that will give you some background.

The Latina/o Studies Program, in partnership with the student organization, La Casa, and PLUMA (a faculty and staff organization) has written the following statement of support:


La Casa and UM’s Latinx community stand in solidaridad with the Black community in denouncing the hateful acts that occurred in the residence halls this weekend. Repulsive messages targeting students in our communities should not and cannot be ignored. University leadership must intentionally address the the sad reality that these incidents are not isolated and continue to contribute to the lack of inclusion and negative campus climate for all marginalized communities. Beliefs and actions that question the presence of members of our community on campus must be challenged and our community members must be supported.  We urge our campus- students, staff, faculty, and administration-to proactively reach out to all marginalized communities and address important needs that continue to be expressed by too-frequently silenced voices. 

For the three Black students in West Quad, please know that UM's  Latinx community supports you and emphatically believes your presence on campus matters. You belong here. 

 “Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or 
disrespect for other cultures.”

 —Cesar Chavez—


La Casa

Latina/o Studies Program

Professional Latina/os at UM (PLUMA)