The Honors Summer Fellowship brings together undergraduate scholars from across LSA for a 10-week program of intensive research, writing, and scholarly conversation, specifically supporting senior Honors thesis projects.

Arabella Delgado is working on how American media representation of the US-Mexico border during the Mexican Revolution impacted the cultural memory of the Revolution in places like El Paso.

Katrina Stalcup is working on understanding the power of intergenerational storytelling as a cultural practice. In her thesis she uses ethnographic research of the stories that the women in her working class family tell to illustrate how stories can be used for contextualizing marginalizations of ethnicity, class, and gender.



From the Honors Summer Fellowship program:

“The Fellows program provides a unique opportunity for a group of upper class students to gather from across all three divisions of LSA; the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Participants learn from one another about the nature of research across this whole range, comparing the modes of work, nature of valid evidence, styles of presentation, and special challenges.”

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