The College of Literature, Science and the Arts established the annual Staff Achievement Awards Program in order to recognize exceptional staff contributions to the success of the College. The program provides LSA with another opportunity to thank the staff for the valuable work performed throughout the year. The Rising Star Award is designed to reward an up and coming LSA employee with up to three years of service in the College in any area of staff work who has made outstanding contributions that go beyond the ordinary fulfillment of the position’s duties and is awarded by Division (Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Undergraduate Education, and the Dean’s Office). 

Andrew is described as a role model who goes above and beyond; collaborative and responsive; accessible and available; a problem-solver who helps to think through tricky issues; and a tireless advocate for students and faculty alike. He was lauded for his support of the DSI curriculum and transition, as well as being a stabilizing force in American Culture with our many recent staff transitions.