Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes
New book of short stories Abolición del pato (Abolition of the Duck) was published last week in Puerto Rico and is now available on Amazon.

Link to the publicity page and free preview on the publisher's website


Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

Abolition of the Duck (Terranova Editores, 2013)

(Title in Spanish: Abolición del pato)

Blurb by José Quiroga (Emory University):

Do we want the abolition of the duck, or is it the duck himself who wishes to abolish himself? In Larry La Fountain-Stokes’s book, the entire linguistic, erotic, pop, philosophical arsenal wants to illustrate the game between writing and voice, essence and simulation. It is a lyrical dolls’ theater that includes goofing around, revindication and rage, scenes of instruction for an audience that is everywhere and nowhere.

These are fragments of a quotidian that remits in a twisted way to Puerto Rico: that duck-place, that insular swimming pool with its geographically-defined limits, abolished by the duck that swims in it. Just like Pedro Lemebel and similar to Manuel Ramos Otero, La Fountain-Stokes chooses on occasion the most experimental vein to fly towards the center of faggotry and turn it into a carnival.