Stephanie Chang has been at the center of Detroit’s fight for democracy and human rights as the State Representative for Michigan’s 6th District mostly covering Detroit. Stephanie took AC 314 (History of Asian Americans) as a first-year student in 2002 and went on to become one of the first minors in A/PIA Studies at UM. She served as a co-chair of the United Asian American Organizations as a student activist and has remained connected to our alumni network. Stephanie’s election in 2014 to represent a district that is about 1% Asian and 87% African American is testimony to the efforts A/PIA Studies previously made to deconstruct the model minority myth, promote a multiracial concept of social justice, and connect students to local activism. Stephanie has worked as a volunteer organizer for Detroit Asian Youth Project (founded by UM A/PIA faculty and alumni), as an intern for the Boggs School (while a social work grad student at UM), and co-founder of A/PIA Vote-Michigan. She also lived at the Boggs Center to provide personal support to Grace Lee Boggs.

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