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Graduates & Placement

Our PhD students have moved on to successful careers in academia, the public humanities, and in the public domain.

Our graduates teach at top universities across the country, including the University of California System, University of Colorado, University of Indiana, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Northwestern, Notre Dame, University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M, Williams College, and the University of Wisconsin.

Our graduates work in the public humanities, in roles such as State Historian, State Public Historian and Curator, and State Curator.

Our graduates work in the public domain in roles as diverse as freelance writer, editor, academic advisors, and elected office.


Abreu, Christina Denise - Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

Ackermann, Marsha –  Former Lecturer I, History & Philosophy, Eastern Michigan University

Ananat, Ryan Snyder - Writer and Independent Scholar, Self Employed

Ardizzone, Heidi – Associate Professor of American Studies St. Louis University

Aune, Stefan - Elihu Rose Scholar of Modern Military History/ Assitant Professor of History/ Faculty Fellow, New York University

Avivi, Yamil - Independent Scholar, Self Employed

Aziz, Maryam - Assistant Professor of American Ethnic Studies, University of Washington

Barba, Lloyd - Assistant Professor of Religion, Amherst College

Barrera, Sergio - 2022-23 Carlos E. Castañeda Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

Bass, Chris Kae - Veteran Student Advisor/ School Certifying Official, Drake University

Bass, Christine – Program Director, Women in Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Retired)

Belt, Rabia Shahin - Associate Professor of Law, Stanford University

Bernabe, Jan Christian - Gallery Director and Founder, FLXST Contemporary

Blanton, Matthew - History and Social Science Teacher, Milton Academy

Bolton, Sony (Jason) - Associate Professor of Spanish and English; Faculty Equity and Inclusion Officer; Chair of Latinx and Latin American Studies, Amherst College

Brent, Elizabeth – Freelance Writer

Brick, Howard – Professor, Louis Evans Chair in U.S. History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Brooks Tatum, Shanesha R F - Founding Vice President and CEO, Creative Research Solutions

Campbell, Casidy - Postdoctoral Fellow in Black Studies, Northwestern University

Cardenas, Maritza Elena - Associate Professor of English and Director of Global Studies, University of Arizona

Carr, Jesse - Mellon Project Coordinator, University of Michigan

Casillas, Dolores Ines - Professor, Chicana and Chicano Studies; Director of the Chicano Studies Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara

Chaar-Lopez, Ivan - Assistant Professor, University of Texas - Austin

Chang, Jason - Upper School History Teacher, BlendEd Consortium

Chávez, John – Professor of History, Southern Methodist University

Ching, Paul – Therapist, Turning Leaf Therapy

Chung, Brian - Assistant Professor, California State University- Fullerton

Cialdella, Joseph Stanhope - Assistant Director of Experinetial Learning, University of Michigan

Cornelius, Tyler - Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Environmental Studies, Colorado College

Cui, Shu-Qin – Associate Professor of Asian Studies, Bowdoin College

Daligga, Catherine - Community Support Specialist, Daily Kos

De La Vega Hurtado, M. – Executive Director, International Film Seminar, NYC

Dillard, Angela – Professor Residential College, DAAS, History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Dolgon, Corey – Professor of Sociology and Director of Community Based Learning, Stonehill College.

Dupuis, Reshela – Education Advocate, Office of Hawaiian Affair

Elhadi, Belquis - Academic Advisor, Mizzou Honors College

Erman, Samuel Thomas Corcoran - Professor of Law, University of Michigan

Farber, Paul - Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Public Art and Space, Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Felber, Garrett A - Visiting Fellow, Yale University

Finley, Chris - Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California

Finn, Margot - Lecturer II, University of Michigan

Foley, Neil – Professor of History, American Studies and the Center for Mexican American Studies and Associate Dean, University of Texas at Austin

Fujita Rony, Thomas – Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, California State University - Fullerton

García-Peña, Lorgia - Professor; Director, Program in Latino Studies, Princeton Unversity 

Garland, Libby - Professor, City University of New York

Garzonio, Dominic - Operations & Communications Specialist, Public Media Company

Gaudet, Joseph - English Teacher, Holderness School

Gentry, Charles - Lecturer, University of Texas- San Antonio

Genser, Wallace - Senior Associate Director for Fellowships, University of Pennsylvania

Gordon, Anna Pegler - Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University

Gothie, Sarah Conrad - Research Associate, L.M Montgomnery Insititue at the University of Prince Edward Island

Gould, Sarah - Executive Director, Mexican American Civil Rights Institute

Green, David B., Jr.- Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, California State University, Los Angeles

Hardin, Tayana - Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies, University of Denver

Harmon, Elizabeth - Virtual Museum Program Manager, Smithsonian American Women's History Museum

Harris, Lisa -  F. Wallace and Janet Jeffries Collegiate Professor of Reproductive Health, and Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Michigan Medical School

Hass, Kristin – Professor of American Culture, University of Michigan

Hill, Robert S - Assistant Professor of History, Concordia University

Howell, Sarah F - Associate Professor of History; Director of the Center for Arab American Studies, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Hymson, Laura - Principal, Bard College

Johnson, Colin – Associate Professor of Gender Studies, Adjunct Associate Professor in American Studies, History, and Human Biology, Indiana University — Bloomington

Jolly, Jallicia - Assistant Professor of American Studies and Black Studies, Amherst College

Julyk, David Peter - Chief Compliance Officer, RadMD

Jurado, Kathy - ELL Family Liasion, Avondale School District

Kamil, Meryem - Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies, University of California - Irvine

Kelderman, Frank - Assistant Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, University of Louisville

Kimmel, Shawn David - Founder and Managing Director, Community-driven Policy Consulting

Kim-Rajal, Patricia – Professor, Chicano and Latino Studies; Department Chair, Sonoma State University

Klein Hernandez, Kris - Assistant Professor of History, Connecticut College

Kusnerz, Peggy – Librarian, University of Michigan (retired), Associate Editor, History of Photography, panoramic photographer

Kustritz, Anne M - Assistant Professor, Utrecht University

Kwak, Jennifer - Instructor, University of Hawaii - Manoa

Lebeau, Patrick – Professor of Writing & Rhetoric and American Indian Studies, Michigan State University

Lee, Joo - Lecturer, Department of American Culture, University of Michigan

Lee, Peggy - Assistant Professor, Georgetown University 

Lee, Sharon – Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii - Manoa

Lennard, Katherine - Abbott Lowell Cummings Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University

Lessens, Kelly - School Board Member,Anchorage School Board

Lieberman, Robbie – Professor of History, Southern Illinois University — Carbondale

Lloyd, Brian – Associate Professor of History, University of California — Riverside

Lieu, Nhi – Independent Scholar, Self Employed

Lira, Natalie - Associate Chair & Associate Professor, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Lloyd, Brian - Associate Professor of History, University of California - Riverside

Low, John – Associate Professor, Department of American Studies; Director, Newark Earthworks Center, Ohio State University-Newark

Macedo Pool, Maria Teresa - Department Chair, Sociology and Women's Studies; Faculty Senate, Human Arts & Social Sciences Representative, Cabrillo Community College

Macfarlane, Lisa – Sr. Vice Provost Academic Affairs, University of New Hampshire

Macgillivray, Emily Jane - Assistant Professor of Native American Studies, Northland College

Macias, Anthony – Professor, Ethnic Studies, University of California — Riverside

MacKenzie, Annah Elizabeth - Editor & Content Strategist, Self Employed

Maeda, Daryl – Professor, Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, University of Colorado — Boulder

Majaj, Lisa - Writer, Editor, Researcher, Lecturer

Majewski, Karen - Owner, Tekla Vintage

Mann, Katrina – Instructor, Truckee Meadows Community College

Marchevsky, Alejandra – Department Chair, Department of Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies; Liberal Studies Faculty, California State University — Los Angeles

Masur, Kate – Professor of History; Board of Visitors Professor, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University

May-Curry, Michelle - Academic Advisor, University of Missouri-Columbia

Metzl, Jonathan – Frederick B. Rentschler II Professor of Sociology and Medicine, Director, Program in Med, Health and Society, Professor of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University

Millan, Isabel A - Assistant Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Oregon

Miller, Rachel - Assistant Professor of History, Klara K, Hansberger Endowed Professor, The College of Idaho

Mitchell, William – Public Historian and Curator, New Haven, CT

Molldrem, Stephen - Assistant Professor, Department of Preventitive Medicine and Population Health (PMPH) and the Institute of Bioethics and Health Humanities (IBHH)

Moon, Jennifer – Administrative Director, Dean's Office, Weill Cornell Medicine

Morales, Cheli – Assistant Professor of Practice, Social Work, Portland State University

Morales, E. Zack - Program Director, Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program, Wayne State University

Morales, Orquidea - Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Moreau, Joseph Robert - Teacher of History, Abraham Joshua Heschel School

Moses, Janee - Assistant Professor, The City College of New York

Mott, Shani Tahir - Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University

Nation, Richard – Professor and Chair of History & Philosophy, Eastern Michigan University

Nitta (Sato), Marie - Assistant Professor, Musashi University

Noel, Hannah Kathryn - Associate Professor, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Ofori-Mensa, Afia - Director, Equitable Postgraduate Academic Opportunity, Princeton University

Olson, Alexander Igor - Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor, Western Kentucky University

Pagni, Charlotte Fay - Professor of Sociology, Eastern Michigan University

Paris, Leslie – Associate Professor of History, University of British Columbia-Vancouver

Pas, Justine Magdalena - Professor of English, Lindenwood University

Pasfield, Veronica Ann - Principal Brand Creative & Founding Editor, Territory Media

Pascual, Michael - Program Coordinator, Duke University

Peacock, Jennifer Lynn - James B. Duke Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Davidson College

Pegler-Gordon, Anna – Associate Professor, James Madison College, Michigan State University

Peterson, Rachel – Associate Professor, Integrative Religious, and Intercultural Studies Department, Grand Valley State University

Pittenger, Mark – Associate Professor of History, University of Colorado — Boulder

Pool, Maria Teresa Macedo – Instructor of Sociology, Cabrillo Community College, Santa Cruz, CA

Porter, Eric –  Professor of American Studies, University of California - Santa Cruz

Poyourow, Rebecca - Assistant Dean for Advising, University of Pennsylvania

Pratt, Anastasia – Associate Professor, SUNY Empire State College

Quinn, Rachel Afi - Associate Professor Comparative Cultural Studies and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, University of Houston

Rabinowitz, Paula – Professor of English, University of Minnesota

Rael-Galvez, Estevan – Executive Director and Project Investigator, Native Bound Unbound- Archive of the Indigenous Slavery

Ramirez, Pablo – Associate Professor of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph

Reid, Cavar - Managing Directors of High School and College Programs, Thrive Scholars

Rigelhaupt, Jess Meyer - Associate Professor, University of Mary Washington

Rodriguez Barrera, Juan - Assistant Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University

Rogers, Mark – Chair, Division of Humanities; Professor of Communication, Walsh University, Ohio

Rua, Merida – Professor of Latina and Latino Studies, Northwestern University

Rubeck, Tracie – Owner, Beatrice Cottage Bakery 

Sailiata, Kirisitina Gail - Assistant Professor of American Studies, Macalester College

Saranillio, Dean – Associate Professor, University of Hawaii-Manoa

Scott, Ellen - Associate Professor, University of California- Los Angeles

Shavelson, Susanne – Assistant Director, Institute for Informal Jewish Education, Brandeis University

Shomali, Mejdulene - Associate Professor, University of Maryland - Baltimore

Stiffler, Matthew - Lecturer, University of Michigan; Director, Center for Arab Narratives

Stiverson, Hanah - Extremism Researcher, Human Rights First

Sung, Wendy - Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Syrett, Nick – Professor; Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Kansas

Teves, Stephanie - Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Textor, Alex – Writer and Editor, Self Employed

Theoharis, Jeanne – Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College, The City University of New York

Tilton, Jennifer – Associate Professor of Race and Ethnic Studies, University of Redlands

Truong, Vivian - Assistant Professor of History, Swarthmore College

Umphrey, Martha – Bertrand H. Snell 1894 Professor in American Government in Department of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought, Amherst College

Valentin, Wilson - Assistant Professor of Public Humanities and American Studies, The New School

Vargas, George – Associate Professor of Communications and Theatre Arts, Texas A&M

Vargas, Zaneta – Curator, California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives

Vargas, Zaragosa – Kenan Eminent Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Vazquez, Luis - Instructor, University of Michigan

Vecchiola, Carla – Lecturer IV in History, Direcotr, Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources, University of Michigan- Dearborn

Vigil, Kiara - Associate Professor of American Studies; Dean of New Students, Amherst College

VonBokel, Aimee - Research & Communications,  Lone Star Legal Aid

Walker, Alyssa - Coordinator, CT Valley Girls' Youth Lacross League

Wang, Grace – Assistant Professor of American Studies, State University of New York

Wang, Lee Ann Shih-Ching - Assistant Professor, University of California - Los Angeles

Wendorff, Laura – Professor, English Department, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Wheaton, Deidre Lyniece - Associate Professor of Disciplinary Studies; Interim Director of the School of Lifelong Learning, Jackson State University

Whiteduck, Mallory - Assistant Professor of Political Science, Vassar College

Whiteley, Kathleen - Assistant Professor, University of California - Davis

Winand, Angela – Program Administrator, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian

Winkler, Barbara Scott – Professor and Director of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, Southern Oregon University

Wisniewski, Stephen Charles - Independent Consultant

Wittmann, Matthew – Curator of Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University

Wong, K. Scott – James Phinney Baxter III – Professor of History and Public Affairs Williams College

Worsley, Shawan Wade – Founder and Executive Director, Culture Ally

Wu, Cynthia – Professor, Gender Studies and Asian American Studies; Faculty Affiliate, American Studies, Indiana University- Bloomington

Wu, William – Freelance writer

Zeller, Ariella – Internal Communications Manager, NICE

Zimmerman, Enid – Professor Emeritus, Indiana University Bloomington