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There are many students to whom various topics in Women’s Studies are central, yet they may be pursuing different vocational paths. Knowledge of these particular Women’s Studies topics will be helpful in a variety of professions. A minor will enable students to gain an academically certified familiarity with issues of either gender and health; gender, race, and nation; or LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies.

The Women’s Studies Department offers three academic minors:

Please review LSA policies on academic minors. If you are not an LSA student, please be sure to check with your College or School regarding policies.

PLEASE NOTE. Students may not use more than one course to meet both the requirements of a minor and a major. Courses in the minor may be used for LSA distribution (SS, HU, etc.)

Declaring: A student may declare a minor only after a major has been declared. To declare please email

Questions?  Email

Please select the appropriate button for a list of courses that meet major and minor requirements for: