Faculty, Lab, and Research Sites

Faculty/Lab/Research Site Information

LSA DMC Web Services and LSA IT are pleased to announce that a a new set of faculty-specific web services are available. Faculty members can now get a website either for themselves or for their labs or research projects in one of two different environments, all for no additional cost:

  • The Faculty, Lab, and Research Site option uses WordPress and is a multisite network hosted through LSA IT. It is a lightweight, user-friendly website and blog platform. CMS Web Services will work with you to build and launch your WordPress site. You will have access to short video tutorials, and an in-person introduction to WordPress training if requested, as well as the option to attend Open Labs in the future to work directly with Web Services staff on your site. After your site launches, Web Services will be offering mid-level support for WordPress sites through our help desk system (email lsa.web.support@umich.edu) and Open Labs. 
    • URLs are of the form http://sites.lsa.umich.edu/sitename, where the site name is generally based on the faculty member's uniqname or firstnamelastname (such as jjjsmith or Smith-lab for Dr. John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith's faculty and lab sites, respectively). Please go to sites.lsa.umich.edu for more information on Wordpress for LSA.
  • The Web Hosting Environment Option uses cPanel and is most useful primarily for those technically-inclined users with very specific software needs. Neither LSA Web Support nor LSA IT provides support after the initial set-up of the hosting environment. More information on this option can be found on the LSA IT website.  

The following table provides a comparison of the two environments:


Faculty, Lab, Research Sites

Web Hosting Environment

Platform WordPress Multisite cPanel
Cost to You/Department Free Free
Supported Yes No
Branding (Look and Feel) University/College branding, choice of 3 User defined, but U-M branding is recommended
URL Hostname sites.lsa.umich.edu User defined 1
Naming for Faculty Sites uniqname or firstnamelastname User defined
Naming for Lab Sites uniqname-lab User defined
Naming for Other Sites program_name User defined
Calendar Yes User defined
Events Yes User defined
Custom Forms Yes User defined
Media: Documents Yes User defined
Media: Images or Slideshows Yes User defined
News Yes User defined
People 2 Yes User defined
Publications 3 Yes User defined
Themes Yes; 3 options User defined
Plugins Yes; select from list User Defined
Disk Space Limitations 100 MB 1 GB 4
More Space Allowed 5 Yes Yes

Again, all three options are provided at no additional cost to you or your department.

More information about WordPress sites is available on the newly designed LSA Wordpress website. Further information about cPanel is available from LSA IT .

To begin the process of requesting a site, please complete the Needs Analysis Form. If you select the WordPress platform, a member of the LSA Web Services team will be in contact to discuss your request, any relevant navigation and design elements, and guide you to the solution that best fits your requirements. If you select the cPanel platform, someone from LSA IT will be in touch with you to set up your environment.

We look forward to working with you!

1   We recommend a user-based host name such as jones.lsa.umich.edu or smith-lab.dept.lsa.umich.edu, though the host name must comply with SPG 601.15-1.
2   People represents a page, profile, or record for an individual user that the user can control the content of (for example, address, biography, email, picture, and so on).
3   Publications represents a page or record to track those publications (such as articles, books, columns, papers, videos, and so on) for which an individual is an author, creator, or editor.
4   Includes the instance-specific copies of software.
5   Additional disk space beyond the initial limit can be obtained for your site, though there may be a charge back.