Department Websites

CMS 7.6 Feature List

Steps to Obtaining a Fresh, Dynamic Website

To initiate the process, send an e-mail to our web team. From that point, we will take the following steps together to get your new website launched:

  1. INITIAL MEETING: In your initial e-mail, indicate a date you'd like to meet to review the process, establish basic expectations, and see a demonstration of the CMS capabilities.
  2. NEEDS ANALYSIS: Your department completes a needs analysis form (1-4 weeks). If you'd like to get started on this now, feel free to download a copy.
  3. PRESENTATION MEETING: We present an ideal navigation structure for your site based on a review of the needs analysis (1 week).
  4. SUB-NAVIGATION: Your department will prepare sub-navigation for your site using the worksheet provided at the presentation meeting (2 weeks).
  5. SIGN-OFF MEETING: After sub-navigation is completed and the site has been designed, the department chair and key administrator sign off on the site design, identify staff that will be trained to update the site, set the training date, and set a launch date (1 week).
  6. TRAINING & LAUNCH: The staff identified from your department will sign up for training. Our team will work to program your site and get it ready to hand over to you after  training session two. We also provide on-site assistance during and after training is completed to get your site ready for launch. (3-6 weeks).