Adrian Fiege

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Adrian Fiege

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Working with Adam Simon

Office Location(s): 4007 C C Little
Phone: 734.764.9314

  • About

    • Research Interests
      • Isotopic fractionation in magmatic processes (fluid-melt-mineral; especially sulfur)
      • Magmatic degassing processes and fluid-melt interactions (volatile partitioning, bubble formation
      • Formation of ore deposits (e.g. metal partitioning and mobility; fluid-melt-mineral)
    • Ongoing Research Projects (a selection)
      • The behavior of sulfur and ore metals during magma mixing and implications for magma degassing and ore formation
      • Sulfur and sulfur isotope distribution between fluids and silicate melts
      • Decompression induced degassing and crystallization within the Mt. Etna basalt
      • Columbite and Tanalite solubility in silicate melts
    • Education
      • PhD / Dr. rer. nat, Leibniz Universität Hannover 2013, (summa cum laude)
      • Diploma Geosciences, Leibniz Universität Hannover 2009