Intersection 2 (Barcelona)

Writer/Photographer/Artist(s): Chris McNamara


During a residency in Zurich a few years ago, I began work on a series of videos designed for both performance works and installations. Operating under the idea that I would compose images and sounds as simultaneously as possible I created six short videos. One of the videos I created, Intersection 2. (Barcelona) was initially a stand-alone cityscape, shot at the magic hour, moments after the sun has set. After considering this piece for a couple of months, I determined to create more. I shot an intersection in Zurich at approximately the same time of day, with the camera facing the same westerly direction and, most recently I shot a similar video in Detroit. The videos were then projected as a three panel piece – with pedestrians and cars overlapping one another – creating momentary impressions that the movements begin to lapse into one another.