Laura Motta

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laura Motta2

Assistant Research Scientist, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology

Ruthven Museums Bldg, 1109 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079

Office Location(s): 4042 Museums
Office Hours: M 2-4PM, 2132 Angell Hall, or by appt.
Phone: 734.764.3337
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
    • Department of Classical Studies
  • Fields of Study
    • Late prehistory, first millennium BCE Italy, complex societies and state formation processes, paleoethnobotany
  • About

    Research interests:  Paleoethnobotany, complex societies, state formation processes,  late prehistory, First Millennium BCE Italy

    I am a paleoethnobotanist and my present research focuses on Iron Age Italy and the Bronze Age Carpathian Basin. I'm particularly interested in exploring social complexity trough food production/redistribution patterns and in the early phases of the first cities. My current field work is at the site of the Archaic city of Gabii, near Rome and at Sant’Omobono in Rome.

    Selected Publications:

    L. Motta, 1997, I paesaggi di Volterra nel tardoantico. Archeologia Medievale 24:245–68.

    L. Motta, 2002, Planting the seed of Rome. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 11:71–78.

    L. Motta, N. Terrenato, 2006, The origins of the state par excellence. Power and society in Iron Age Rome. In C. C. Haselgrove, ed., Celtes et Gaulois, l’Archéologie face à l’Histoire, 4:  les mutations de la fin de l’âge du Fer, Glux-en-Glenne, Bibracte, pp. 225–34.

    N. Terrenato, L. Motta, 2006, Uno stato debole? Alcune riflessioni su potere pubblico e potere privato in Roma arcaica. In Studi di protostoria in onore di Renato Peroni, Florence, Insegna del Giglio, pp. 764–68.

    L. Motta, 2011, Seeds and the city. Archaeobotany and state formation in early Rome. In N. Terrenato, D.C. Haggis, eds., State Formation in Italy and Greece: Questioning the Neoevolutionist Paradigm. Oxbow.

  • Education
    • PhD, Archaeology, University of Cambridge, 2011
    • CPGS, Archaeological Science, University of Cambridge, 1998
    • BA, Archaeology, University of Pisa, 1994
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