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Writing Support

Sweetland offers two options for in-person writing support for undergraduate students: the Writing Workshop and the Peer Writing Center. Peer Writing Consultants are upper-level undergraduates who have received extensive training to work one-on-one with other students on their writing. Undergraduates can visit the Peer Writing Center and satellite offices on a walk-in basis during their hours of operation. Additionally, undergraduates can use the Online Writing Lab (OWL) to connect live via video chat to a Sweetland Peer Writing Consultant. In Writing Workshop, students meet one-on-one with University of Michigan writing instructors to discuss their writing for U-M courses and programs.

Writing Guides

Our Writing Guides assist writers on host of topics from understanding the project and deciding what to argue, to integrating evidence and creating stronger analysis. Learn how to build better papers, essays, and multimodal projects.

International Student Support

Sweetland provides support for all multilingual and international undergraduate students who are making the transition into the U-M community. Small class size, credit-bearing courses, appointments with experienced instructors to discuss writing, peer writing centers at several campus locations, lab experiences and conversation groups that address oral language issues--these are some of the ways Sweetland serves multilingual students.

Minor in Writing

Sweetland's Minor in Writing is designed for any undergraduate student who is interested in developing further as a writer, both in and beyond their major, and wants to join a vibrant community of writers. Our Minors come from departments all over campus, with diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents that unite to create a truly dynamic program.

Peer Writing Consultant Program

Learn more about the Sweetland Peer Writing Consultant Program that provides one-to-one writing support to U-M undergraduates at our Peer Writing Centers and campus-wide satellite offices.

First-Year Writing Requirement

Incoming students looking for information on choosing your first U-M writing courses should start at the First-Year Writing Requirement page. Transfer students can find out more about writing courses taken elsewhere that may satisfy the First-Year Writing Requirement.

Upper-Level Writing Requirement

LSA and a few other colleges require students to complete the Upper-Level Writing Requirement (ULWR) with an approved ULWR course which must be taken at the UM-Ann Arbor campus. Read more about ULWR course goals and frequently asked questions on our Upper-Level Writing Requirement page.


Sweetland offers a variety of writing courses for students at all academic levels. Focusing on new media writing, developing writers, and writing pedagogy, our courses cover a variety of topics and serve many students.

Writing Prizes

Sweetland and the English Department award annual prizes in First-Year and Upper-Level writing. Read these prize-winning works on our Writing Prizes page.