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Advanced Rhetoric and Research Courses

In this advanced critical writing and research course, students analyze the strategies, rules, conditions, and genres that enable communication within particular discourse communities, that make communication effective or ineffective, and that give it value or authority.

Winter 2015 Courses

Minor in Writing Capstone
This class is composed of two major components, each of which supplements and informs the other. One task is the development and completion of a capstone electronic portfolio, which students initially generate in the gateway course. WRITING 420 will help students further revise and reconstitute that gateway electronic portfolio as a representation of their development as writers over time, and at the completion of the course students will present their portfolios to the Minor in Writing Assessment Committee, which will determine the extent to which they have successfully completed the Minor. While the electronic portfolio is the centerpiece of the Minor in Writing program, the centerpiece of this capstone course will be a substantial writing project of sustained complexity and depth. This capstone project presents a tremendous opportunity. It allows students to synthesize the array of skills they sought to develop when they initially pursued the Minor. It is something that will be wholly theirs — proof of the application of their passion and their precision. Because these projects are student-generated, they take a variety of forms and genres, which will be scaffolded by a set of mini-assignments, including a proposal and a detailed production plan. This production plan will also set the template for how the instructor will assess the student projects. The Minor in Writing Assessment Committee will assess performance of the program requirements, including the capstone electronic portfolio; the capstone instructor will evaluate the capstone project and class performance.