Effective Fall 2011

Not open to students with a concentration in English or Creative Writing in the Residential College, nor to those electing an academic minor in Writing through the Sweetland Center for Writing

Students wishing to pursue an academic minor in Creative Writing must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with an English Department undergraduate concentration advisor.

Being able to work creatively with ideas through words is elemental to a humanistic education, and can complement information-based learning in productive and exciting ways. An academic minor in Creative Writing allows students with a strong interest in the writing of either poetry or prose fiction to develop and explore their craft through both workshop-formatted courses as well as through courses in literary history.

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor

ENGLISH 223. Students must submit a portfolio of writing after completion of 223 for admittance into the academic minor. Once accepted into the minor, students will pursue either a poetry or prose fiction track at the 300- and 400-levels.

Applications for admission into the Creative Writing Minor are due on April 1 (Fall Term) and December 1 (Winter Term).  Please fill out the application and attach a representative sample of your writing and submit to the Undergraduate Studies Office in 3187 Angell Hall.

Academic Minor Program

15 credit hours of additional courses, to be chosen from the following categories, as described below.

  1. One course in Creative Writing in poetry or prose fiction at the intermediate level (ENGLISH 324, poetry or ENGLISH 323, prose fiction).
  2. One course in Creative Writing in poetry or prose fiction at the advanced level (ENGLISH 424, advanced poetry, or ENGLISH 423, advanced fiction). Either ENGLISH 423 or 424 would satisfy the academic minor's Upper-Level Writing Requirement.
  3. Nine other credits in either craft or literary history courses at the 300- or 400-level. Upon consultation with an advisor, a student, if interested in writing both poetry and prose, may fulfill three of these credits in a 300-level Creative Writing course in the genre other than the one s/he is concentrating in.

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