In order to be considered for graduation, every student must have an official academic degree audit. This audit informs students what degree requirements they have already fulfilled, and those that still need to be completed. Students should have their audit completed prior to registering for their last semester of classes in order to ensure they are registering for the appropriate courses. To receive an audit, students pursuing an A.B., B.S., or B.S.Chem. degree must complete the following steps:

  1. Apply for graduation by logging onto Wolverine Access. Go to Student Business, click on "Apply for Graduation," and follow the prompts. This is also where students verify their permanent address and specify how they want their name to appear on the diploma.
  2. Have a release submitted for every major and minor the student has declared. A release is submitted after students meet with a major or department advisor to discuss what requirements they have met and how they are going to fulfill the remaining requirements. The department then forwards this information to the appropriate auditor's office.

Students pursuing a Bachelor in General Studies (BGS) do not need to have a release submitted. They only need to apply for graduation on Wolverine Access.

Students enrolled in the Residential College receive their audits from the Residential College. Students who are writing an Honors Thesis in any of their majors receive their audits from the Honors Program (refer to their listings in Chapter VI for details on their programs). All other students receive their audits from LSA  Academic Auditors' Office.

Generally, audits are completed and e-mailed to students' e-mail account within two weeks after the student has applied for graduation and all of the releases have been submitted.  It is important to read this audit carefully because the information within the audit will be used to clear students for graduation. 

The auditors will do a final audit on every student after all grades have been posted to the student's transcript to verify that the requirements are complete. Students who have completed all requirements will be emailed  verification of graduation  from the Academic Auditors as evidence that a degree will be awarded. These students will receive their diploma approximately 8 weeks after commencement. Students who have not completed the degree requirements by the end of the term for which they applied will be sent an email and a letter that states their remaining requirements. To be considered for a future graduation date, they will need to reapply to graduate in Wolverine Access for the term in which they will complete the final requirements and/or contact their appropriate auditing office if that term is not available to them in.

A Commencement Program is published for the Spring and Winter Commencement ceremonies. This program includes the names of all LSA degree candidates for that graduation period. Because there is no Commencement ceremony in August, August candidates are listed in a separate section in both the May and December programs. To have their name in the book, students need to apply for graduation no later than five weeks after classes begin in the term they plan to graduate.

The LSA diploma displays the degree conferred (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, or Bachelor in General Studies). Majors and minors are not listed on the diploma unless a student receives Honors in a major through the Honors Program. All majors and minors are listed on the official transcript once the student graduates and the degree is posted. Students with multiple majors receive one degree and one diploma.

Students may complete a second major any time after graduation by registering as a non-degree candidate through the Admissions office. Once the requirements for the major are complete, their department advisor must submit an on-line Major Release form to the Academic Auditors so the second major can be added to the transcript. Students may not add, complete, or declare a minor after graduation, or change a minor into a major. They also may not change their degree (e.g., A.B. to B.S.) after graduation.


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