Effective for all students active in LSA Fall 2013 and thereafter (as well as all August 2013 degree candidates) [PENDING APPROVAL by the LSA Faculty]Approved by the LSA Faculty Winter 2015, made retroactive by the College Curriculum Committee to Fall 14

The College distinguishes "Experiential" and "Independent" courses from its other course offerings.

Experiential courses (denoted EXPR in the Undergraduate Course Catalog and LSA Course Guide) involve academic work that may take place in a setting other than a university classroom, laboratory, library, or studio and in which the experience is directly related to an academic discipline. Most Experiential Credit is awarded through programs administered by departments and is recorded as credit in one of the departmental Experiential course numbers.

Independent courses may be:

  1. Directed Reading/Independent Study courses (denoted INDS in the Undergraduate Course Catalog and LSA Course Guide) which are designated by title and not normally offered by classroom instruction;
  2. courses normally offered through classroom instruction but occasionally taught on an independent study basis;
  3. courses not specially designated as "Independent" and normally offered as classroom instruction but elected by special arrangement with the instructor.

The following limitations apply to Experiential and Directed Reading / Independent Study credit:

  1. A combined total of 30 credits of Experiential and Directed Reading / Independent Study courses may be counted in the 120 credits required for a degree.
  2. No more than 8 credits may be earned in a single term.
  3. Experiential and Independent Study courses are excluded from area distribution plans.

Guidelines for Independent Studies


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