Waitlists and Overrides

The Department of Sociology keeps close tabs on the rate of enrollment in our undergraduate courses. As a result, waitlists, when needed, are typically short. During the registration period students are automatically issued overrides as seats become available. Students still on the waitlist on the day of the first class meeting must attend the class meeting and receive permission to register from the instructor. If a student is on the waitlist, but does not attend the first class meeting, he or she will lose his or her spot in the waitlist queue and may not receive an override.

The issue of an electronic override is not a guaranteed seat in the course. The student must enroll in the course via the Wolverine Access registration system. Electronic overrides expire after two business days. If the electronic permission to enroll is not used within the this time frame, the next student on the waitlist will receive an electronic permission.

Waitlist priority for required courses (SOC 210, 305, 310, and 312) goes to concentrators in order of descending class standing (i.e. seniors first). Waitlist priority for all other undergraduate SOC courses goes concentrators in order of waitlist date, then non-concentrators in order of waitlist date.

Call the department for further details about waitlists and overrides.