Undergraduate Program Funding Opportunities

Academic Expenses Funding: The Sociology Department provides small amounts of funding (up to $300) to facilitate students' academic experiences beyond the traditional UM classroom. Examples of such experiences include but are not limited to study abroad for a particular course or sociological experience, to facilitate an internship, to facilitate a research project, or conference attendance. Sociology majors and students who need funds for a specific sociology sponsored course or experience are eligible. Students may make a "Chair's Request" for funding by submitting 1) a completed Sociology Funding Request Application; 2) a one page statement describing what the funds are needed for and how the experience will enrich the student's sociological education; 3) a budget of a page or less showing how the student will fund the experience in total and what part the Sociology funding will comprise. 

Funding requests must be submitted prior to the start of the proposed academic experience by one of the following deadlines: October 1, December 1, February 1, or April 1. All applications received by these dates will be reviewed within three weeks of the deadline.