Recent Graduates and Placement

Tiffany Joseph graduation

Tiffany Joseph (Ph.D 2011) celebrates her graduation with two of her faculty mentors, Alford Young, Jr and Sarah Burgard. After completing a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, Tiffany joined the faculty at Stony Brook University in Fall 2013.

The interdisciplinary and intellectual breadth of Michigan sociology creates employment opportunities for our PhDs across the academia and beyond. Our PhDs work not only in sociology departments, but in business schools, public policy schools, social work, and law schools. A number of our graduates have launched careers working for government agencies, non-profit organizations, or the private sector. The international focus of our department also positions our PhDs to work in both academic and non-academic positions around the globe. 

In order to make the activity and culture of graduate programs more visible, we provide in the links below basic statistics about the Ph.D. programs at the University of Michigan.  The data and variables were selected to offer a more accurate and helpful picture than those provided by external sources.

Some of the Different Paths Taken by Our Alumni

Sociology Depts at Research Institutions

Marco Garrido - Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, starting September 2014 (Ph.D. 2013). Research Interests - urban sociology, historical sociology, southeast Asia.

Lloyd Grieger - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Yale University (Ph.D. 2010).  Research Interests - poverty and social policy, family, quantitative methods.

Angel L. Harris - Professor of Sociology at Duke University (Ph.D. 2005).  Research Interests - sociology of education, race & ethnicity, stratification & inequality, qualitative methods

Maria S. Johnson - Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Delaware (Ph.D. 2010)

Emily A. Kazyak - Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Nebraska (Ph.D. 2010).  Research Interests - sexuality, identity, law & society, gender, family, Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Transgender Studies.

Alexandra A. Killewald - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Harvard University (Ph.D. 2011).  Research Interests - work-family labor, stratification, demography

Alwyn Lim - Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Southern California (Ph.D. 2012).  Research Interests - organizations and institutions, global and transnational sociology, human rights and social movements

Anthony Perez - Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Ph.D. 2006).  Research Interests - demography, quantitative methods, race, ethnicity & immigration, social stratification & mobility 

Jessi Streib - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Duke University (Ph.D. 2013). Research Interests - social class, culture, family, education, qualitative methods


Academic Placements in Related Disciplines

Kerry Ard - Assistant Professor of Environmental and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University (Ph.D. 2013). Research Interests - how social processes create and sustain environmental inequalities by race and class and the unequal health outcomes of this exposure.

Christopher Marquis - Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University (Ph.D. 2005).  Research Interests - organizational behavior, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, economic sociology, environment, and social entrepreneurship.

Christopher N.J. Roberts - Associate Professor of Law at University of Minnesota. (Ph.D. 2010).  Research Interests - human rights, international law, legal history, consitutional law, qualitative research methods, civil rights.

Besnik Pula (starting September 2014) - Assistant Professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech University (Ph.D. 2011).  Research Interests - comparative historical sociology, globalization and development, international political economy, nationalism and citizenship, history and politics in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East.

Kristin Scherrer - Assistant Professor of Social Work at Rutgers University. (Ph.D. 2011).  Research Interests - aging and the lifecourse, family relationships, sexualities, gender, clinical practice, qualitative methodologies

Kristin Seefeldt - Assistant Professor of Social Work & Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist of Public Policy at University of Michigan.  (Ph.D. 2010).  Research Interests - poverty and low-income families, housing instability, implementation of programs serving low-income families.

Liberal Arts Colleges

Kristie A. Ford - Associate Professor of Sociology at Skidmore College (Ph.D. 2006).  Research Interests - qualitative methodology, race and ethnicity, black identity, gender and sexuality, social inequality.

Tiffany Joseph - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Stony Brook University (Ph.D. 2011).  Research Interests - race, ethnicity, and immigration; Latin American and Caribbean Studies; research methods; experiences of faculty of color in academia; immigrants' mental health and healthcare access.

Helen K. Kim - Associate Professor of Sociology at Whitman College (Ph.D. 2005).  Research Interests - race and ethnicity, Asian Americans; American Jews, qualitative methods.

Lynn Verduzco-Baker - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Albion College (Ph.D. 2011). Research Interests - race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, family, qualitative methods.


Eric Eide - Outreach Coordinator at U.S. Department of State Bureau of South and Central Asia (Ph.D. 2011).  Specialties - globalization, emerging markets, technology transfer, public-private partnerships, outsourcing, organizational theory.

David Flores - Research Social Scientist at the USDA Forest Service (Ph.D. 2012). Specialties - labor, social movements, qualitative methods, political sociology

Melissa Forbes - National Preparedness Assessment Division at FEMA (Ph.D. 2010).  Specialties - climate change adaptation, homeland security rick management, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, policy development, organizational theory, corporate governance, economic sociology, curriculum development.

Bridget Lavelle - Senior Research Manager at the Washinton State Department of Social and Health Services, Research and Data Analysis Division. (Ph.D. 2012)  Specialties - family economic insecurity and social welfare policy.

International Institutions

Baris Buyukokutan - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boganzici University in Turkey.  (Ph.D. 2010).  Research Interests - intellectuals, the production of culture, habitus and subjectivity, art and literature, religion, historical methods.

Haijing Dai - Assistant Professor of Social Work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  (Ph.D. 2010).  Research Interests - community organizing and development, state and civil society, poverty and social inequality, resistance and collective action, welfare policies and social services, reforms and contentions in post-socialist China, ethnography.

Anju M. Paul - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Yale-NUS College in Singapore (Ph.D. 2012) Research Interests - immigration, globalization, race, gender and labor.

Hiroe Saruya - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Sophia University in Japan. (Ph.D. 2012) Research Interests - political sociology, social movements, historical sociology

Geoffrey Wodtke (starting Sept 2014) - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Toronto University in Canada (Ph.D. exp 2014). Research Interests - urban poverty, group conflict and racial attitudes, class structure and income inequality, methods of causal inference in observational research.  

Postdoctoral Appointments

Mariana Craciun - postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Science in Human Culture at Northwestern Univeristy (Ph.D. 2013).  Research Interests - professions, science and technology, medical sociology, race and ethnicity, immigration, theory

Elyse Jennings - postdoctoral research fellow at the Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina (Ph.D 2013).  Research Interests - demography, developing countries, family, survey methods, divorce, fertility, marriage.

Ya-Wen Lei - Harvard Society of Fellows (Ph.D. 2013).  Research Interests - political sociology, information and society, network analysis, law and society, China.

Yan Long - Postdoctoral research fellow at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University (Ph.D. 2013). Research Interests - globalization, transnational social movements, gender and sexuality, Chinese Studies.

Jonathan Zelner - Postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, and a postdoctoral fellow in the NIH Fogarty International Center Research and Policy for Infectious Disease Dynamics (RAPIDD) program.  (Ph.D. 2011)  Research Interests - infectious disease transmission, particularly interested in the interaction between human social systems and infectious disease dynamics.


Comprehensive List of Recent Graduates & Their Placement