RSS Qualitative Methods Workshop

This workshop provides a forum for exchange and discussion of various aspects of qualitative research (including, but not restricted to, formal ethnography, ethnographic interviewing, oral history, and document analysis).  Each meeting of the workshop will address a central theme or issue concerning qualitative inquiry (examples include reviewing field questionnaires, processes and implications of exiting the field, positioning theory/oneself/data in constructing arguments with qualitative analyses, managing confidentiality and addressing unanticipated findings and outlier cases, and assessing different styles and patterns of qualitative publications and the politics of publishing qualitative research).  Aside from the standard agenda, some meetings will involve discussion of student or faculty work-in-progress and some will involve visits by guests who will address some aspect of their experiences in conducting sociological research through qualitative methods.  The workshop meets every term.

Although it is designed to assist graduate students who are already engaged in qualitative research all students are welcomed to attend and participate.

Faculty participating in the Workshop in Qualitative Methods include:

Renee Anspach (co-facilitator) and Alford Young, Jr. (co-facilitator)

Graduate Students participating in the Qualitative Methods Workshop include:

Patricia Chen, Saida Grundy, Charity Hoffman, Johanna Masse, Anh Nguyen, Julie Posselt, Jessi Streib (student organizer), Kennedy Turner, Maria Wathen, and Jessica Wiederspan

In 2012-2013 this workshop is only offered in the Fall semester.

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