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GSI Office Hours

NOTE: During exam periods, GSI schedules are subject to change and will vary from course to course. Therefore, we advise students to email their instructors directly to determine availability.


View GSI Office Hours for the current term. You may visit the SLC to get assistance from the GSI assigned to the specific section in which you are enrolled, or you may drop in to get help from any other course GSI. You do not need to wait for the office hours of the GSI who leads your section to get help with course material.

Course Instructors

Submit an SLC Office Hours schedule request for the GSIs assigned to your course or for yourself. Be sure to include GSI names, uniqnames, days and times requested. You will receive an e-mail confirmation indicating which SLC alcoves have been assigned.


View the SLC Guidelines for GSI Office Hours

Submitting a Request for Office Hours to the SLC
Alcove space is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
All course instructors, including GSIs, are encouraged to hold regular office hours in the SLC. Students benefit when a large number of instructors choose to use the SLC as the location for their office hours because the SLC is centrally located and the location for a range of useful resources in support of science courses in Astronomy, Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Physics.

Fall and Winter Terms
For a course with 5 or more instructors including GSIs:
A master schedule must be submitted to by the course instructor showing GSI names, uniqnames, and hours for all GSIs assigned to your course.
For a course with fewer than five (5) instructors including GSIs:
Individual GSIs may submit requests on their own behalf. Be sure to include name, e-mail
address, phone number, course, day(s) and time(s) requested. Submit all requests in person or through e-mail to:

Spring and Summer Terms
For all courses:
Individual GSIs may submit their schedule requests by visiting the SLC and entering the information on the GSI Office Hours log maintained at the SLC Front Desk or requests may be e-mailed to the SLC. Be sure to include name, e-mail address, phone number, course, day(s) and time(s) requested. Submit all requests in person or through e-mail to:

Making Schedule Changes
Students depend on the SLC to post accurate office hours for all instructors who use the site. Please help us keep the information up-to-date.
Permanent changes:
To make a change lasting the remainder of the term, send an e-mail to showing your old and your new hours.
One Time or Short-term changes:
If you are unable to cover a shift, perhaps due to illness, please phone the SLC Front Desk at 764-9326 to let us know. We will post a note for your students indicating your schedule adjustment.

Reporting to the SLC to Hold Office Hours
Sign-in on the GSI whiteboard located at the SLC front desk.
Pick-up a badge and wear it during your office hours.
Obtain whiteboard markers and an eraser at the SLC front desk.
Report to your assigned alcove. Generally, Chemistry GSIs are assigned to Alcoves 1-4 and Biology GSIs are assigned to alcoves 5-8.
Change the alcove label found hanging at the entrance to the alcove to reflect your course.
Stay in your alcove area during your office hours. If you must leave briefly, make a note of your whereabouts on the white board inside your alcove. Be sure to include the time you will return if you must leave the premises.
• At the end of your shift, return your badge, white board markers, eraser and sign yourself out.