Lorenzo García-Amaya

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Lorenzo García-Amaya

Lecturer III of Spanish

Office Location(s): 4415 MLB 1275

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Romance Languages & Literatures
  • About

    I am an applied linguist, working primarily in the field of Second Language Acquisition. Most generally, my research focuses on the development of fluency and cognitive abilities by second language learners and how cognitive processing abilities affect second language speech development. I am currently investigating the relationship between cognitive abilities (lexical access and lexical retrieval) and fluency, and more specifically, how different learning contexts (i.e., study abroad vs. standard college-based instruction) contribute to the development of these abilities. My most recent publications examine issues such as fluency, topic effect, and the relationship between clause type and filled pauses in the second language speech of learners who have and have not participated in abroad learning experiences. Along these lines, I have begun to devise a cognitive model of speech production for L2 language learning. With Isabelle Darcy of Indiana University, I investigate the role of L1 attention control in L2 speech fluency and whether there may be effects of attention control in other L2 processing capabilities. I have also extended my research program on study abroad learning to the variationist context, working with colleagues from Indiana University on the acquisition of Spanish variable structures (e.g., leismo, present perfect) in an overseas immersion program. I am also specialized in Reaction Time experiments and the study of individual differences in L2 acquisition.

    Selected Recent Publications

    Henriksen, Nicholas & Lorenzo García-Amaya (In press). Transcription of intonation of Jerezano Andalusian Spanish. Estudios de Fonética Experimental.

    Abelló-Contesse, Christián & Lorenzo García-Amaya (In press). Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen. The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Blackwell Publishing.

    Geeslin, Kimberly L., Lorenzo J. García-Amaya, Maria Hasler-Barker, Nicholas C. Henriksen & Jason Killam (2012). The L2 acquisition of variable perfective past time reference in Spanish in an overseas immersion Setting. In K. Geeslin & M. Díaz-Campos (eds.), Selected proceedings of the 14th Hispanics Linguistics Symposium (pp. 197-213). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.

    García-Amaya, Lorenzo. (2009). New findings on fluency measures across three different learning contexts.  In Collentine, J., García, M., Lafford, B., & Marcos-Marín, F. (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 11th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (pp. 68-80). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.

    García-Amaya, Lorenzo. (2008). The effect of topic on rate of speech. ELIA (Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada) [Studies in English Applied Linguistics], 8, 117-150.

  • Education
    • PhD Indiana University, 2012
    • MA Indiana University, 2007
    • BA University of Seville, 2003
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, study abroad, context of learning, second language variation, child variation, Jerezano Andalusian Spanish