Post-Graduation Planning

Career Fair and Teach for America

Students speak with a Teach for America representative about teaching opportunities after graduation. Teach for America is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “eliminate educational inequity by enlisting recent college graduates to teach” for at least two years in low-income communities throughout the United States.

Preparing for Your Internship/Job Search


Career Information

  • UM Career Center (career page): discover your career interests, prepare for your job search, finding a job/internship
  • Alumni Association: check out what the Alumni Association offers in terms of career resources while you are a student here at U–M (free business cards, mentoring, etc!)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: information on various (not just psychology-related) careers, earnings, and more!
  • O*NET: tool for career exploration and job analysis
  • Psychology Alumni Profiles: Learn more about what U–M Psychology Alumni have done post graduation.
  • Psych Careers: APA online career center
  • APS Online Journals: Current Directions in Psychological Science, Psychological Science in the Public Interest, and Perspectives on Psychological Science.
  • (Psychology): Find information on many different careers in psychology as well as typical wages, working conditions, and job outlooks. Learn more about the diverse career options available to psychology majors. Check out job possibilities for those holding Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degrees.  Take this quiz to learn more about the psychology careers that are best matched to your interests and personality.
  • Career Options: handout with examples of career paths and the skills employers look for.
  • Social Psych Network: online career center
  • Psych Web: entry level positions obtained by Psychology majors and a list of books on careers for Psych majors.
  • Psychology Degree: Online Psychology Resources

Entry-level positions for those with a Psych degree:

  • LinkedIn Jobs for students and recent graduates.
  • Careers Options with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.
  • Social Service Job site: The job site for jobs in social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, mental health, case management, employee assistance, volunteer management, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, community development, youth development, child welfare, developmental disabilities and all other areas of social services.
  • Human Services Career Network: career site devoted solely to Human Service, Social Service, and Non-Profit professionals!
  • Psychwatch: Psychwatch has created a listing of positions available, and sites where you just might find that perfect employment opportunity... Updated weekly.
  • Psych Pros: a national recruiting, staffing and executive search firm dedicated exclusively to the behavioral healthcare field.
  • Ann Arbor Spark: Brilliant people come to SPARK from around the world looking for exciting career opportunities. To facilitate these connections, we have created a Job Posting system that targets high-value, knowledge-based and Michigan-based positions.
  • NPO.Net: Illinois' largest nonprofit job board!

Graduate School Information

Graduate School Information & Timeline (PDF)

For those interested in Graduate School, this timeline will help prepare you for the application.

Advanced Degrees in Psychology (PDF)

A guide to your post Graduation option with a U-M Psychology degree.

Applying for Ph.D. Program (PDF)

This guide has helpful tips, timeline, and tools of the trade.