Administrative Staff

  • Kelly Campbell

    Kelly Campbell

    Key Administrator 1131 USB

    General Program Oversight; Fiscal Management; Curriculum Maintenance; Course Support; Human Resources; Facilities(734) 615-7347 /

  • Bethany Christoff

    Bethany Christoff

    PitE Executive Secretary 1120 USB

    Course Scheduling; Room Assignments; Course Supplies & Transportation; Administrative support to Director615-7346 /

  • Gregg Crane

    Gregg Crane

    Director, Program in the Environment (PitE) and Professor, English Language and Literature 1120 USB

    734.615.7346 /

  • Jason Duvall

    Jason Duvall

    Concentration Advisor and Lecturer, Program in the Environment (PitE) 1120 USB

    Concentration & Minor Advising; Internship

  • Jamie Langdon

    Jaime Langdon

    Lead PitE Academic Advisor    1120 USB

    PitE Major & Minor Advising, Academic Policies & Procedures; Study Abroad Advising; PitE Club Liaison; Honors Program734.764.6372 /

  • Nathan Sheldon

    Nathan Sheldon

    Associate Director, Program in the Environment (PitE) and Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences 1120 USB

    (734) 647-9273 /

  • Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly Smith

    PitE Program Coordinator    1120 USB

    Communications and promoting of PitE; Speaker & Workshop Series; Scholarship & Awards Administration; Alumni Relations; Internships; Graduation events734.763.4928 /

  • Brooke Sweeney

    Brooke Sweeney

    Program Administrative Assistant 1120 USB

    Course support and supplies; transportation requests; field trips; parking pass requests734.615.7346 /