Dr. Gregg Crane, Director, is responsible for the leadership in PitE and drives PitE curricular development, long-range planning,  and chairs PitE’s curriculum committee, speaker series and scholarship committees.  Dr. Crane also teaches courses in PitE and English.

Dr. Nathan Sheldon, Associate Director, oversees curricular planning, spearheads new course development, and faculty recruitment. Dr. Sheldon also teaches courses in Earth and Environmental Sciences. 


Administrative Staff

Kelly Campbell, Key Administrator, serves as a strategic partner to the director and is responsible for managing the overall non-instructional operations of PitE and providing efficient administrative and fiscal support and resources to PitE.


 Bethany Christoff, Executive Secretary, provides direct support to PitE's director, associate director, and key administrator, assists faculty with course support, and provides curriculum support. 


Brooke Sweeney, Program Assistant, provides administrative support for the PitE administration and advisors, and assists faculty with course support.



Jaime Langdon, Lead Program Advisor, oversees PitE Student Services efforts, including advising, practical experience, honors program, academic policy and curriculum support. 


Kimberly Smith, Program Coordinator, supports many aspects of the program, and is responsible for marketing/communications, speaker series events, and scholarship administration.