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Spring Colloquium

2015-2016 Spring Colloquium

Epistemic vs. Non-Epistemic Normativity

February 19 - 20, 2016

Speakers include: Miriam Schoenfield, Ralph Wedgwood, Selim Berker, and Nomy Arpaly

Coordinated by Anna Edmonds, Daniel Drucker

Talks followed by comments from Anna Edmonds, Kevin Blackwell, Daniel Drucker, and Sara Aronowitz 




Friday, February 19th

3:30 · Selim Berker, Harvard University

Saturday, February 20th

10:00 · Miriam Schoenfield, UT Austin 

1:30 · Ralph Wedgwood, USC

4:00 · Nomy Arpaly, Brown University 


The Department's graduate students organize an annual Spring Colloquium, featuring three speakers on a single topic or theme. Graduate student comments on each talk. The Department has hosted more than twenty Spring Colloquia since the first weekend program in 1990. 

The Spring Colloquium is funded by the James B. and Grace J. Nelson Endowment for the Teaching of Philosophy.


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