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Alumni and Friends

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Since beginning as UROP-In-Residence or UIR in the late 1990s, the Michigan Research Community has expanded in size, as well as in the academic and social support we offer our students. Currently, the community includes approximately 150 students from various colleges, majors, backgrounds and locations. Check out our MRC Snapshot to learn more about this year’s community. MRC students benefit from residential Research Peer Advisors, in-house study groups and of course cutting-edge research opportunities with University of Michigan faculty. To maintain the high quality experience for our students, MRC relies heavily on our alumni and friends for networking and financial contributions.

First, MRC students benefit from a strong network of alumni. If you are an alumnus of UIR or MRC and are interested in staying connected to the program, please take a few minutes to complete our Alumni Survey. We use information from the survey to connect current MRC students with alumni who are professionals and graduate students in their interest areas, as well as to help alumni connect with each other. In addition, MRC uses financial contributions from alumni and friends to provide additional resources and support directly to our students. Visit our support page to learn about specific ways your gift will support current MRC students.

Finally, visit our Alumni Profiles to learn more about the current adventures of a few of our alumni. If you are interested in being featured on our Alumni Profiles page, please contact Chris Bass via email.