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Free street parking spaces are sometimes available on Oswego St. near the Arb's Geddes Street entrance.
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In spring, Matthaei and the Arb burst into life. Over 20,000 daffodils in a line emerge and bloom at the Arb The fragrance of lilacs is on the air. Woody plants show off their flowers and the peonies peak in June.
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Centennial Shrub Collection

Our historically important shrub collection features old and new plantings in harmony with the local environment. Old-fashioned favorites and native species create beautiful plantings without supplemental water, fertilizer, or pesticides. This collection and its dramatic views are part of the original O.C. Simonds landscape plan of 1907.

Bloom begins with the old cornelian cherries (Cornus mas) in April, followed shortly by the native shadblow (Amelanchier). By May the lilacs come into bloom and perfume the air. As spring progresses, the hydrangeas, spireas, and viburnums have their season, along with many lesser-known shrubs such as Sorbaria and Symphoricarpos. Fall brings a diversity of fruit that are eagerly consumed by the flocks of birds that visit the Arb.

The Centennial Shrub Collection is at the Nichols Arboretum site.

The Stanley Smith Horticulture Trust provided funding for creating labels for the Centennial Shrub Collection. Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum needs private support and offers donors many giving opportunities and recognition. For more details, please contact Gayle Steiner, our director of development:; 734.647.7847.

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